A message from Sister Mūmbi

A message from Sister Mūmbi
November 30, 2023 Susan Oxley

Hello dear friends,

Thank you so much for your continued generous support for Friends in Solidarity, the U.S. partner to Solidarity with South Sudan. You may have received many worthy appeals this week on Giving Tuesday, from many notable organizations who are doing groundbreaking work all over the world.

I speak to you from Rome, where later on today we shall be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Solidarity with South Sudan’s presence in South Sudan. Through you and your generous support, we have been able to train many teachers, nurses, midwives; to teach better agricultural practices, and to continue providing faith formation and trauma healing workshops all over South Sudan. We have been able to build the capacity of many young South Sudanese, but so much more is needed, if this young country is going to be able to stand on its own feet.

We thank you for journeying with us, for believing in us, and supporting our work.

South Sudan suffers immensely under the climate crisis. This young country, with its minimal carbon footprint, suffers great flooding, famine, and drought. As a result, Solidarity with South Sudan has made a commitment to lessening their impact on the earth, and becoming better carers of this common world that we inhabit. One of the ways we are doing this is by installing solar in many of our projects, and currently, the Riimenze Solidarity Agricultural Project is in need of solar panels, at an estimated cost of $30,000 USD.

We appeal to you to support us in any way you can, as we look forward to keeping our earth safe for the future generations of our world. Thank you.

Sister Mūmbi Kīgūtha, CPPS
President, Friends in Solidarity

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