Sisters in South Sudan: Carolyn Buhs, SNDdeN

Sisters in South Sudan: Carolyn Buhs, SNDdeN
March 8, 2019 Susan Oxley

“In the Catholic Church, we believe in the dignity of each person… Regardless of a person’s ethnic group, we are all sons and daughters of our Good God. As this truth takes hold of each person’s consciousness, then South Sudan can move to living in peace, by God’s grace.”

Sister Carolyn Buhs, SNDdeN, is a tutor at Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio, South Sudan. She teaches Christian religious education and social studies, and serves as the college librarian. Prior to her ministry in South Sudan, Sister Carolyn was a teacher in Southern California and Hawaii, and a missionary for 30 years in Kenya.

“I am able to use what I learned at Egoji Teachers College in Meru Diocese, Kenya, to help train primary school teachers for South Sudan,” she said.

The Solidarity with South Sudan teacher training program “empowers young men and women to be certified primary school teachers in a country where the literacy rate is only 27 percent. The students’ opportunity to live on our college campus in peace with students from all over South Sudan… may also be a kind of model to help them promote the same peace and harmony among the pupils they will teach in their primary schools.”

A memory of mangoes: “I was accompanying four students from Naduru Primary School back to the college. We were walking along the path through the neighborhood homes, and the student leader suggested we all sit under a huge mango and enjoy a treat of delicious Hindi mangoes being sold by a woman who lived along the path. What a joy that was! And what a refreshing pause on that hot afternoon! The gentlemanliness of our students delighted me!”

Photo by Paul Jeffrey

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