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South Sudan girl praying for peace

Nonviolence in Africa: Creating a Future of Hope

Pax Christi International met in Johannesburg this past week to discuss ways of bringing about peace with justice on the African continent ...
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South Sudan boys playing in field

South Sudan’s Dinka People and Conflict Reconciliation

Conflict reconciliation is an important event for the Dinka people of South Sudan. They are more than pacts to make peace—they are transformative events ...
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Solidarity with South Sudan Certificate of Appreciation

Solidarity at U.S. Catholic Mission Association Gathering

Friends in Solidarity accepted a Certificate of Appreciation for the work of Solidarity with South Sudan from the U.S. Catholic Mission Association ...
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Good Sheperd Peace Center in South Sudan

Good Shepherd Peace Centre Opens in South Sudan

The Good Shepherd Peace Centre opened in Kit, South Sudan. The Centre is home to human, pastoral and spiritual formation, peacebuilding and trauma healing ...
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Malakai people at outdoor mass in South Sudan

Words of Hope for the South Sudanese

Christians gathered around the world praying for peace in South Sudan in order to nurture hope and give encouragement to the people ...
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South Sudan women praying for peace

South Sudan’s Churches Hold Key to Peace

In South Sudan, the Church hold the keys to making peace a reality because it holds universal respect and credibility with South Sudanese ...
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South Sudanese displaced girl behind barbed wire

South Sudan Council of Churches Message to UN Security Council Delegation

South Sudan Council of Churches asked UN Security Council representatives to restart the peace process and provide peacekeeping forces to protect civilians ...
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African school classroom of children

Help in Africa Means New Hope in South Sudan

The Bishops of Sudan requested help and ministry in the war-torn and impoverished country of Africa's South Sudan. Your support can help save lives ...
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South Sudan women working on farm

South Sudan Agriculture Project Grows Self-Sustainability

Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAPR) in Riimenze heralds a way forward for the development of more self-sustainability in South Sudan ...
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