Solidarity Teacher Training College (STTC) at Yambio

  • Sr Agnes on teaching practice in a local primary school

    African school classroom of children
  • A typical school in South Sudan. Perhaps it is an improvement over sitting on rocks under a tree

    South Sudanese children in school classroom
  • Student writing the answers in an outdoor classroom

    Kids in South Sudan getting education
  • Girls in a classroom of the Caritas-supported St. Daniel Comboni School in Agok, South Sudan

    Girls in a classroom in Agok, South Sudan
  • South Sudanese kids in school
  • Br Odongo from Kenya

    Br Odongo from Kenya
  • Solidarity Teacher Training College (TTC) at Yambio

    Solidarity Teacher Training College (TTC) at Yambio, South Sudan
  • Learning how to use computers and to access the internet for research

    South Sudanese adult classroom

Twenty-six thousand teachers are needed in South Sudan! Sixty years of civil war have stalled all attempts to educate people and to train teachers. Most teachers in the schools have about four years of education! Only 27 percent of the population is literate. Only 14 percent of women older than 24 are literate. Solidarity with South Sudan is committed to raising the level of literacy by training primary school teachers. The Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio was dedicated in early 2013. A two-year residential pre-service program is held from January to November. At the end of these programs, teachers are nationally certified to teach in state schools. Over 500 teachers have been certified through the pre-service and in-service programs conducted by Solidarity.

In early 2014, the college in Malakal was destroyed in the civil war. As a result, a decision was made to expand the college at Yambio as a national college. Two new dormitories, a library/classroom block, and additional staff housing have been built to accommodate an influx of students. The goal is to provide for 180 students on campus for the pre-service program.

Over 4,000 teachers have participated in courses offered through Solidarity with South Sudan. Join us in supporting this program by making a donation today.

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