Distance Education

Happy Rumbek Graduate

In an effort to reach out to teachers in outlying areas of the country, Solidarity staff, together with volunteers from around the world, are travelling to refugee camps, UN Protection of Civilians sites, and distant dioceses to provide in-service training for teachers. In January and February 2016, 16 volunteers joined Solidarity staff in Rumbek, Agok, and Old Fangak to deliver the in-service program to teachers in these conflict-ridden areas of the country.

Solidarity staff are also assisting UNICEF with training teachers for the Education in Emergency Project, an effort to provide education to the many children in camps who no longer are in school as the schools have been destroyed in the war. It is estimated that 51 percent of children in South Sudan no longer have access to education. Moreover, the cost of sending a child to school is beyond the capacity of most people.

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