Agriculture Project at Riimenze

  • Children of Riimenze in need of a school

    Riimenze children in South Sudan
  • Sr Rosa from Vietnam working with women of Riimenze

    South Sudan women working on farm
  • Children of Riimenze with uniforms made by the women in the sewing class

    South Sudan elementary students
  • Agriculture in Riimenze

    Farm crops in Riimenze, South Sudan

Solidarity is assisting the people of South Sudan to regain their agrarian skills after many years of civil war. Many of the people residing in Riimenze are displaced from their own homes. In 2014 over 25 acres were cleared by hand and a living fence was planted. Following the clearing of the land food crops were planted, weeded and harvested. Depending on the daily work, between 30 and 80 people are employed. The project enables families to grow enough food to feed their families and a surplus to sell providing funds for sending their children to school. Appropriate technology has been secured with external funding, including walking tractors, oxen and hand grinders. Training in sustainable agricultural methods is provided to nearly 50 families. In the past year additional land was cleared and fruit trees and trees to be harvested for timber were planted providing for longer term sustainability for the project. All this work with local families is helping to build a community in Riimenze with a primary school and small clinic in the process of being rehabilitated.


In January 2017 most of those residing in the Riimenze area fled to the parish after violent clashes between the army and rebels threatened to destroy the community. Currently 6000 people, mostly the elderly, and women and children, are encamped at the parish and being supported by Solidarity with South Sudan, Catholic Medical Mission Board and the World Food Programme. As of June 2017 they were still unable to return to their homes. Solidarity has purchased seeds, agricultural implements and cooking pots in an effort to assist those able to return to their plots in time to prepare the land for the coming rains. To support this project click here.

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