Friends in Solidarity Statement on Racism

Friends in Solidarity Statement on Racism
June 8, 2020 Susan Oxley

Friends in Solidarity, the U.S. partner to Solidarity with South Sudan, acknowledges the pain of our African-American brothers and sisters and deplores the senseless murder of Mr. George Floyd and the other victims of police brutality. We join our voice with the voices of people who recognize that all humans are created equal and that all have equal rights and protections under the law. African-Americans have not been afforded these rights and protections due to inequities that are rooted in over 400 years of exploitation and discrimination. We stand with them now and pledge to work to finally right these wrongs and build the Beloved Community envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King. We will also contribute to this effort by working to build the capacity of our African brothers and sisters on the continent where the struggle for justice, peace and human rights continues to dominate the region.

And a word from a member of Solidarity with South Sudan who works with South Sudanese living in the UN Protection of Civilians site in Malakal, South Sudan.

“In these past days I have been saddened by the brutal death of George Floyd. May the scourge of racism and police brutality one day come to an end. That is my hope and prayer that moved me to write this poem entitled: “Breathe.” Rev. Mike Bassano, MM, a member of Solidarity with South Sudan.


Needless brutal death
of one named George Floyd
protesters marching
facing troops deployed

United together
crying out in pain
centuries of enslavement
leaving bloody stain

Sadness in hearts
tears drenching our land
scourge of racism
raising its ugly hand

Outrage is heard
prophetic voices raising
neither room for platitudes
not empty compromising

Dream of Jesus
loving one another
why have we forgotten
we are sister and brother

Created in God’s image
forever to be
divinely blessed
with inherent dignity

He can breathe now
freed from sorrow
calling forth justice
for peaceful tomorrow

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