Community development in Riimenze

Community development in Riimenze
May 23, 2023 Susan Oxley

The Sustainable Agriculture Project of Riimenze (SAP) activities contribute to the community resilience and development of the local population through awareness creation and knowledge transfer. The awareness is raised through group meetings with beneficiaries and radio talk shows to the wider communities in Western Equatoria State. SAP also contributes to that aspect considerably through distribution of agricultural inputs to the target groups.

We support various groups such as rural farmer households with improved seeds, tools, livestock pairs such as pigs and goats and improved bee hives. Other inputs include services such as the nutrition program that works to prevent and combat malnutrition among children by training mothers on the use of local resources to produce highly nutritious food additives. Additionally, we offer financial training for women and provide them with start-up capital for small-scale business enterprises at the household level.

Generally, our intervention has built the local capacities to an extent that people are able to do things for themselves differently in more effective way than before. SAP encourages and supports farmers working in groups because it instills and fosters transfer of knowledge and practical skills. It empowers each individual by learning from each other during communal work. Communal work is building our societies, improving agricultural production and food security in order to alleviate poverty.

Br. Joseph Mammah, SAP Principal
Elias Kubayo, SAP Project Manager

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