Building a future, one teacher at a time

Building a future, one teacher at a time
May 30, 2019 Susan Oxley

When Solidarity with South Sudan embarked on the education of teachers in this war-torn country 10 years ago, they decided to focus on training primary school teachers. “Let’s get the basics right.” The need was for 26,000 teachers; the need now is for even more qualified teachers. During the civil war of the past five and a half years, many schools have been destroyed, teachers have been killed, displaced or fled the country. Many had only four to eight years of education, themselves.

In spite of all the challenges, the Solidarity Teacher Training College has continued to educate and graduate nearly 400 new primary school teachers. These teachers are well qualified, and most are employed as educators. The graduates themselves are requesting that Solidarity increase the qualifications of those educated at the STTC.

Solidarity is entering into a joint pilot program with the Catholic University of South Sudan to send 20 students, 10 per year, to participate in a two-year program at the CU of SS which will result in a bachelor’s degree for those who successfully complete the program. Solidarity has agreed to provide scholarships for 20 students, 10 per year, at the cost of $1,200 per student. As this is a two-year program, we are needing to raise $48,000 to support 20 students who will participate in the 2019-2021 program. Students are responsible for their own accommodations and other expenses.

Those of us who are educators and/or wish to leave a legacy of education are invited to join us by contributing to this initiative which, while it seems like a “drop in the bucket” when the need is so great, will build the capacity of the education community, one teacher at a time. What we do know is that these teachers will be the leaders of the future, precisely because we, you and I, have invested in their education. A wise investment, indeed!

Sister Joan Mumaw, IHM
President and Chief Administrative Officer
Friends in Solidarity

About the photo: Nidal, 20, is a student at STTC. Photo credit: Nyokabi Kahura

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